I recommend Nomad to hard-core sci-fi lovers and anyone who loves a good apocalypse disaster story. The vivid imagery throughout brought me into the story and the plot moved forward with unexpected twists and turns as I have come to expect from this author. I can visualize the story in my mind as a movie and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it optioned.

The characters didn’t resonate with me, however, as I couldn’t relate to their situations very well. Without giving spoilers, the main character, Jess, lives with one of my greatest personal fears, so I think this impacted my ability to bond with to her. My favorite character was probably the father, Ben. I love all things science, so he fits right in.

The author did an extraordinary amount of research to prove out the viability of the disaster scenario, giving the book a realistic feel, but I’m very glad this story is fiction! There is a coolness factor of having a story linked to the astronomy simulation tool “Universe Sandbox”.  I’m such a geek I read all the trailing info in the book and the related video.  I fell short of downloading the app, though.

The book is heavy on astronomy science and I may have actually learned a few things from reading Nomad. While I enjoy science and it’s written in easy to understand language, it is a tough read in spots.

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