TGI Leapyear

The stockings no longer hang by the chimney with care, but the mantle is loaded with snowmen. I’m too busy writing to replace them with heart decorations. Thank goodness for leap year because I need every extra minute of February.

My novel-in-progress, The Fifth Coin, fills my weeks. The draft sat on my hard drive untouched from December until January when I joined the Author Accelerator program. With 10 revised pages due every week to my awesome book coach/editor, I have had little time for anything else. This is crazy hard. I missed a submission already because of my next fun project.

The NYC @midnight short story contest finished last week. For heat 13, I submitted the story When the Chips Fall in Spy genre, with subject: a flight and the main character of an Olympian. In less than 2500 words, I wrote a short story combining all of these ideas. Only 15% go on to round 2. I’m not hopeful of continuing because there is always someone better, but I had a blast and I have another purpose for the story.

My local NaNoWriMo chapter opened submissions for Anthology 12: Classics Reimagined. I love when a story performs double duty. I’ve also submitted When the Chips Fall to Anthology 12. The title needs work, but with another 3 rounds of critique, I hope to find something more snappy.

Anyone want to help me think of a good title for my Spy short, staring Dionysus, the god of sex and booze who is playing a poker game aboard a private jet for his family’s lives? James Bond themes have been done, so I’m looking for something else. Leave a comment below!

I nearly forgot about the short story sampler of Time & Magic with my 10 Minute Novelist friends. Those shorts need another round of revision, but I really love this story!

See! I wasn’t kidding about being busy. Whew, now to the last piece of business. Last year’s anthology Voices From the Dark  became available as an ebook this week.

Final Cover 10 23 small




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  1. Kathy Ross

    “Life Flight”
    “Wine, Dine, Die”
    “Poker Fate”

    Good luck, Sara!

    • Maybe “Wine and Die” since they never get to eat 😉 Thanks for suggestions!


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