word cloudRevisions, revisions. Through Author Accelerator, I’ve been working on the revision of a very rough draft of my Urban Fantasy “The Fifth Coin” (working title).

Lexie has been living as a magically untalented waitress hiding her one, true unsanctioned talent from the Magic Commission, who would labotomize her to learn about her ability. Late for work one day, she uses her ability to teleport anywhere and stumbles into a murder in progress. Master criminal, Grimes, recognizes her talent and offers her the choice to work for him as a thief or risk exposing her to the Commision.

This story excites me. It’s the best full novel idea I’ve ever had, although I would like to rework “Gods of Zyntia”, a previous NaNo attempt.  My editor feedback has been positive and constructive although I think she could be tougher on me. This week I’m submitting Chapter 5 of I’m not quite sure how many because I’ve never organized a full book.

The word cloud above (created through Pro-Writing Aid)  represents the entire novel.  Most of the words it pulled make me proud. Then there are the ones I clearly need to edit. Word clouds are a cool tool for identifying weak writing– “looked”, “took” and “use” are now on my radar as words to chop.

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    • I’m several months away from an alpha read but I will keep you in mind 🙂 Thanks!


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