1. dragonw47Dragon. duh. (firebreathing. double duh.)
  2. A spinning orb. We don’t know what it does yet, but it spins like mad in the presence of Cheetos.
  3. A singing sword, but it only singsĀ lullabies
  4. One disgruntled former cookie elf. He knows the secret ingredients…
  5. Throwing stars that apparate and can kill across dimensions
  6. Daggers that respond to voice commands.
  7. Book of spells and a big ass wand that only accepts Siri commands
  8. Poison and a large pump for dispersing it
  9. Horde of terracotta warriors reanimated and bronzed
  10. Vanishing “shot” gun. Everything you shoot disappears and reappears in a different timeline.

My 10 Minute Novelist friends played this game on our Fantasy chat this morning. If anyone else wants to play, leave a comment with your “must have” weapon. Also tweeting on hashtag #MyFantasyArmory

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