Annual Fundraising Rant


Anyone who wants to buy some over-priced crap for my kid’s school fundraiser– you’re in luck! Theoretically, orders were due on 9/30, but they have that buffer week for irresponsible and apathetic parents like me.

So, if you are in need of a butt load of wrapping paper, oddball kitchen gadgets, and allergen laced chocolate things, go to the website. Oh, and frozen cookie dough (sorry Canadian friends 🙁 the dough stays local because it’ll rot b4 they get it to you)

Click all the bright red boxes.
Enter code 97-942-43 so that you, too, can access these priceless treasures.
Don’t send me any money. I don’t care what or if you order. That’s what credit cards and shipping are for. My kid will probably get a $0.39 Oriental Trading Company quality toy for your support. Thanks.

This now concludes my parental duty.

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