Yo, 2017. I’ve got plans.

2017 is the Year of Finishing and Polishing my stories.

I have decreed it. Let it be so and thus and henceforth.

Goal: Guest Blog 

Score one for me, because I did finish this one thing!  I guest blogged about my experiences as a beta reader. While it can be rewarding, sometimes it’s painful. My post, entitled “Diary of a Beta Reader” is on the 10 Minute Novelists website here.

Goal: Finish revising and send THE FIFTH COIN for beta and/or developmental edit

I know, I know. The Fifth Coin, my action packed urban fantasy novel about a waitress coerced into a life of crime for her unique magical talents, has been in revision for a year. Last November, during NaNoWriMo, I drafted a sequel to The Fifth Coin. Goal: Finish revising and send out for beta and/or developmental edit.

Goal: Polish Pixie collection and shop around for publication.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, a.k.a. SFWA, membership has been a goal for three years now. I’ve written a backlog of short stories and flash fiction that will help me fulfill the membership requirements. And I’d like to make a little cash. Today, I polished a four piece flash fiction collection about a band of pixies who get poisoned, burnt and double-crossed. I’d feel bad for them, but they deserved it. These pieces were originally drafted as a newsletter signing bonus, but if I can make a little cash and build my author resumé, shouldn’t I pursue it?


I  purchased my first blog image from Dreamstime! Isn’t this Pixie from Jesse-lee Lang awesome?