Obviously, I’m a little excited for Game of Thrones S7 finale tonight.  I’ve got the soundtrack playing. I want to say “Winter is Coming” as the answer to every question. GRRM coined a phrase that I now associate with amazing television even though the books didn’t excite me. I read the books and occasionally threw them down. They made me furious every time a character I loved got the ax…or sword, or poison, or one of the other many ways to die in Westeros. I’ve studied the lore and reviewed fan theories. I have my favorites!

The lure of creating a fandom that people love to debate is one thing that drives me to create alternate worlds and write about them.

Plus, I love magic. I don’t expect to be one of the greats, but I will strive to write the best books I’m capable of. If I succeed, I hope it’s loved and hated, because that means I’ve reached you. I’ll have touched a part of you that makes you love my characters and hate my villains. Or maybe the other way around, because if I’m skilled, I’ll rewire your perceptions of the world I’ve created before “The End.”

My summer hiatus has come to an end along with the Game of Thrones season. My novel stands at the seventy-five percent mark after a summer of small gains. The gains I did make resulted from one recommendation from the book coach, who I’m missing a lot as I move on. For financial reasons, I’ve had to go it alone all summer. “The Fifth Coin” has been missing a middle for two years, but now all I need to do is write it down. I have a plan. Ideally, I’ll knock this out in the next two weeks when my children return to school. I have some edits to make and the book needs a continuity check, but I hope to be out to beta readers in September.

I have a plan. I have the time. I’m going to write it…after Game of Thrones.

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