Voices From the Dark Anthology Available Dec 15!

“Within each of us lies a darkness. A deep, unnerving essence that lurks at the fringes of our consciousness. Some hear it as a voice whispering secrets from the dark shadows. Others feel its presence as a cold chill sent tingling down the spine. However it makes itself known, the darkness is there. It’s real, […]

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Another NaNoWriMo Win…Now What?

  An accumulated 100,000+ words  of steaming, hot, mess await my attentions from two years of NaNo wins. “But, Sara, why are you including 50k from 2014 in your list of words needing an overhaul?” So glad you asked. Gods of Zyntia had so many errors, typos, random point-of-view changes and freaking huge plot holes, I […]

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Messy Middles of NaNoWriMo

The ol’ blog has suffered my absence long enough and I’m a little stuck on my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s the perfect opportunity to procrastinate AND get the blog moving. Playing God in a fictional world is great until you get stuck with all the decisions. This year’s time suck of writing is an urban fantasy […]

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10 Procrastination Tips For Autumn

1. Clean mud off a pumpkin. Never mind that the farm-rich, caked-on mud hasn’t bothered you for a week. 2. Take fall pictures of freshly cleaned pumpkin. 3. Plan the classroom Halloween party. Face-painting, toilet paper for mummy wrap, a snack, but, oh wait, allergies, so revisit snack ideas. 4. Make a meme of fall pumpkin […]

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Horror Anthology Cover Reveal

  Wait for it…wait for it…OK, I can’t wait any longer! “Voices from the Dark” is due to be released mid-November. Yes, a bit of a change since my last post, but I hadn’t gotten confirmation from the publisher until this morning. The other ten authors and I spent several months putting this anthology together, so […]

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October is Release Month

  October is the most Horror-ible month of the year and the Horror anthology I am an author/editor of is due to release at the end of the month!  I’m so excited that I could juggle chainsaws. A dozen authors from my local NaNoWriMo chapter have submitted over twenty short stories, poems and flash fiction to […]

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It’s Fundraiser Time Again

Each autumn, I anxiously await the same old, time-tested fundraising packet from school to sell wrapping paper and cookie dough. This wrapping paper is fan-effing-tastic. I know because I bought some two years ago and haven’t run out. That’s right, it lasts for freaking ever. Did I mention this blingtacular paper is double-sided? On a […]

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No Doctor Who For Me

I’m an angry cable customer, putting me solidly in the cable customer majority.  Last spring, my cable company dropped BBC America because they could not reach a “fair and reasonable” agreement.  I simply don’t care if BBC asked too much or WOW! didn’t want to pay up. JUST GIVE ME MY CHANNEL. @sadieros WOW! was […]

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Top 10 #BadMovieMashups @midnight

I’ve been AWOL for a while, so here is a taste of how splendidly I’ve been wasting my time. Mostly, I’ve been watching @Midnight and Tweeting, so here are my top 10 #BadMovieMashups: 10.Tootsie Does Dallas 9. SuperBadMan 8. Daredevil Wears Prada 7. Beverly Hills Robocop 6. Vanilla Sky High 5. How To Train Your Terminator […]

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