Review: Loot Crate Feb 2015

Hey, Hey, Hey!  It’s Loot Crate time again. I’m over-the-moon excited this month’s box came withabook inside it— a real novel instead of a comic book this month—Ready Player One from authorErnest Cline.  I don’t know him or his work, but the cover describes it as “Willy Wonka meets The Matrix”.  I’m sold! My kids already […]

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My Vacation in the Sunshine State –Bring Purell!

You know you had a good vacation when it ends in IV fluids.  I spent last week neglecting my blog and getting sick while tromping around Disney World and MGM Universal theme parks. My family brought home a collection of nasty souvenir illnesses from the petry dish named Orlando including pink eye, continuous puking, sinus […]

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Review : Jupiter Ascending

   Jupiter Ascending: Visuals 5 stars, Story 2.5 stars, Physics ZERO Favorite Epithet: Stalin’s Balls! Channing Tatum’s boots were amazing. They roller-bladed. They defied gravity. They defied physics. Go ahead, I dare you to control forward flight with separate boosters on each foot, keep your body straight and use mind control to operate them. I […]

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Mashup Fiction: Cryptozoology and Disaster Porn

Chuck Wendig posted another mashup writing challenge. I needed something fun to break up the monotony of snow storms this week. See the original challenge here.  I chose to do the mashup of Cryptozoology and Disaster Porn after looking up the definitions in Urban Dictionary. “This just in: Boy Scout Troop 333, who never returned […]

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Can’t Get Enough of The 100 on CW *spoilers*

CW network’s The 100 sucked me in when I should have been writing.  I can’t get enough of this show.  I laughed the first season when 100 became 97, then 96, a few more died. My husband would pop in and ask me the body count and I’d say I’m watching The 92. Season 1 […]

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Review: Loot Crate January 2015– Rewind

Every month my kids snatch all the goodies from my Loot Crate before I can post pictures, so I’m super excited to share this month’s Rewind Crate of geek and gamer gear. It’s a blast from the and 80’s and 90’s– the stuff I grew up with. Right on top of the box sat an […]

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Blog Upgrade & New Writing Planned

Although my blog looks a little neglected this week, so far January has been busy behind the scenes. I’ve also been polishing more flash fiction to give away once my email sign up list is up. Stay tuned.  Below is the short list of things I need to do for blog upgrades. Get PO box for business […]

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Return To Dune Towers: Picture Prompt From Aidana WillowRaven

Do you love this art as much as I do? When I saw WillowRaven post “Return to Dune Towers” as a writing prompt challenge to authors, I gave a little squee.  Scroll down for my cross-posted story with WillowRaven’s Website.  To see more of her work visit  or follow on Facebook and Twitter.  Return to Dune […]

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Review of Conception: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller (Perfectible Animals Book 1)

  Two thumbs up!  Four of Five Stars! Conception: A Post Apocolyptic Thriller (Perfectible Animals Book 1) sucked me in from page one. I recommend this well crafted, thought provoking, scientific roller coaster ride. Tom Norwood’s setting is interwoven with a complex story of one talented scientist in a post global warming future. The protagonist has […]

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Free Write : CDC Worker Gets Caught In Rainbow Rain

Disclaimer:  This is a free write, unedited , straight from my brain. There may be errors and inconsistencies, but this is how we author types get started.  Prompt courtesy of Sheri Williams :  Looking up in the sky to see that the rain had changed colors. What was normal clear water raining down had turned to […]

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