A New Year’s Challenge–Accepted! Twice!

Two overlapping writing challenges started today. The first, with my 10 Minute Novelist writer’s group over on Facebook, is to write an average 1k words a day. The challenge is to average 1k words a day, every day this year for a grand total of 365k in 2015.  The goal is making writing a daily habit. […]

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Sedgwick’s Nog

The perfect pine tree burst into flames. “No. No. NO!” Elsbeth yelled as her prized pine lit up the sky, twenty feet in the air. “I’m going to kill you, stupid oaf lizard!” “Stop calling me lizard.  A puny snack such as yourself should mind her tongue.”  A great green eye filled Elsbeth’s vision. She […]

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Keep Your Cookies to Yourself

’Tis the season to send all your family and friends boxes of sugary crap and sabotage their diets.  I love chocolate covered anything. I love to tear into a box of yumminess, not caring who or where it came from, but only that it sated my sweet tooth.  Until the doctor put me on a […]

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Christmas Shorts

My December has been about repairing the damage done to my household while I typed into the wee hours of the night during November.  But I am feeling creative again!  The pressure is off and my house has some semblance of order.  I can mess it up all over while I work on my Christmas shorts. Nope, not Santa […]

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Top 10 Things I learned About Myself as a Writer in November

1. My brain feels alive when writing. 2. My typing accuracy blows without using a delete key. 3. When I’m on fire, I can write 4k words a day. 4. If I write fast, junk words take over my story, but they flow. 5. If I write slowly, I will never get a draft out […]

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NaNoWriMo First Drafts Are Not Pretty

It is my first novel.  It is flipping awful.  The quality of writing tempers my excitement, but I WON!!!!  {Insert happy dance here}   Someone warned me at the beginning to expect a ’hot mess’ and my steaming pile lives up to expectation.  So what’s wrong with my 60k word manuscript? Let’s discuss. What’s in […]

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#NaNoWriMo 2014 progress

My running National Novel Month Progress to be updated whenever I can I was so engrossed by Day 10, I ran out of of daily updates (added Dec 1) Day 10: 2435  I reached my 25k goal!! My novel is 50% complete. Day 9: 3404 Day 8: 1824 Day 7:  3388 Day 6: 1207 Minimal grandma […]

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The Mothership is on Lockdown for November

‘Twas the eve of NaNo and all through the house, not a keyboard was clacking, not even a mouse………. I’m headed to the Mothership’s Holo-deck this November while I attempt National Novel Writing Month. The Goal?  Write 50,000 words in one month, or roughly 1667 words per day.  I will be happy with half due to […]

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Top 10 Obstacles for Writing “The Gods of Zyntia”

National Novel Writing Month will be here soon.  I’ve identified ten ways for me to be sidetracked from drafting my novel during November. 1. My children. 2. Naming all the characters in the book.  I spent less time on my kids names. Just sayin’. 3. Crafting a whole new religion for my Zyns.  A blend […]

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Top 10 Blog Names for a Mom Who Loves Sci Fi

I have been brainstorming with my Intentional Blogging Challenge companions to find a blog title to encompass everything this space will have. I’m trying on one of the new titles now and redid all the images to match.  Like any of the ideas below better?  Let me know in the comments. 1. Musings From the […]

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