The Mothership is on Lockdown for November

‘Twas the eve of NaNo and all through the house, not a keyboard was clacking, not even a mouse………. I’m headed to the Mothership’s Holo-deck this November while I attempt National Novel Writing Month. The Goal?  Write 50,000 words in one month, or roughly 1667 words per day.  I will be happy with half due to […]

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Top 10 Obstacles for Writing “The Gods of Zyntia”

National Novel Writing Month will be here soon.  I’ve identified ten ways for me to be sidetracked from drafting my novel during November. 1. My children. 2. Naming all the characters in the book.  I spent less time on my kids names. Just sayin’. 3. Crafting a whole new religion for my Zyns.  A blend […]

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Top 10 Blog Names for a Mom Who Loves Sci Fi

I have been brainstorming with my Intentional Blogging Challenge companions to find a blog title to encompass everything this space will have. I’m trying on one of the new titles now and redid all the images to match.  Like any of the ideas below better?  Let me know in the comments. 1. Musings From the […]

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Review: Shimmer by Matthew Mather

Shimmer is a vignette of Dr. Granger from Mather’s previously published The Atopia Chronicles. Shimmer provides a glimpse at the inner working of a character we didn’t know much about and his companion artificial intelligence, Shimmer. As a standalone, it is thought provoking I enjoyed the quality of the writing, but didn’t love the story.  It’s […]

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Friday Free write

I love to free write.  This is my unedited draft from a picture prompt  of a man in mid-air next to a castle wall.  As this is unedited, there are probably typos.  The challenge was supplied by 10 Minute Novelists. Fair warning, I’m feeling a little punchy tonight, so there is mild cursing in this […]

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Site under construction

If you have stumbled upon my website, please cut me some slack while I set up the site and test out the features. I’m still learning WordPress and generating content.  Yeah, kinda clueless.

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